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Complete Engineering Analysis 
Working with you, our consultants can plan, manage, and execute a complete CFD project for you, ensuring that you get practical solutions within your schedule and budget. We add manpower and value to your CFD capabilities, complementing your in-house programs with our application-specific CFD expertise.

Custom CFD Methodologies 
Use our consultants' expertise to help define the best CFD methodology for your design process, and you will save time and money every time future analyses are conducted. We work with you to determine an optimal modeling strategy or create templates that automate model building, and train your CFD analysts to apply these methods. In this way, you can achieve maximum value for your company's CFD investment.

Mesh Generation
In addition to the services listed above, we also provide mesh generation services to our users who do not have the time or resources to create their own computational mesh. Many of our users find that having the mesh created by J-Rom's consultants and performing their own calculations offers the best of both worlds: reduced turnaround time while maintaining full control over the end product.

Customized Software Development 
We can take a great general purpose software tool and customize it into a highly specialized and focused tool, uniquely suited to your needs. Our consultants have unparalleled knowledge in physical and numerical modeling, model validation, and customized reporting or analysis of results. Proprietary CFD software can give you tremendous competitive advantage.

High-Performance Computing
When you require access to high-performance computers, to solve an unusually large or complex CFD case, we make these resources available through our consulting group. Our state-of-the-art resources can be used to significantly shorten the computation time and achieve greater accuracy with large models.

All Flow Science Inc. users have access to comprehensive training. Usually training takes place at the customer's premises, but it can be performed at J-ROM's office in Haifa or Flow Science headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Advanced courses help you to expand your skills and knowledge. Many on-site and customized options are available.

Technical Support
All Flow Science users who have been properly trained (either by Flow Science or by us) are entitled to unlimited technical support. In addition, updated product information, answers to frequently asked questions, and all documentation can be found through Flow Science's Users Site.


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