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Dr. Eduard Moses was born in Romania in 1958. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Romania (Bucharest) and obtained a BSc and MSc in 1D flow and combustion modeling of Internal Combustion Engines.

In 1989, E. M. immigrated to Israel and continued his studies at the Technion, obtaining a second MSc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering,

CFD analysis of Internal Combustion Engines with emphasis on chemical kinetics of combustion of fuel mixtures.

In 1994, E. M. did a Post-Doctorate stage of 1 year at the University of Manchester on a British scholarship.

Between 1995 and 2001 E. M. worked at Israel Electric as a Senior research Engineer doing CFD analysis of most applications connected with Power Generation.

From 1998, E. M. is working for J-Rom Ltd. as Associate Director and Chief Technical Officer, doing CFD analyses of a plethora of

applications in all industry sectors (above 200 reports).

  Dr. Shmuel Olek is a Mechanical Engineer. He received his degrees from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa): BSc.in 1975, MSc. in 1982 and PhD in 1986.

During the years 1986-1988 he did his post-doctorate research at the Paul-Scherrer institute in Switzerland in the field of Thermohydraulics of Nuclear Reactors.

During the years 1988-2001 he worked in the R&D division of Israel Electric. He was a group leader for energy storage.

In 1998 he founded J-ROM Ltd. with Dr. Eduard Moses and is responsible there for strategic partnership and sales.

Dr. Olek has many publications in professional journals and conferences

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