FLOW-3D addresses a wide range of design problems in hydraulics engineering. Users can increase the capacity of existing infrastructure in hydropower plants, develop novel approaches to fish passages, design intakes that minimize head loss, develop improved forebay designs and tailrace flows, analyze scour and deposition and evaluate air entrainment.


FLOW-3D applies unique modeling principles that differentiate it from other software and enhance the accuracy of your results. 1-D and 2-D codes oversimplify important flow physics and do not provide a full analysis of currents and surfaces. FLOW-3D simulates the entire flow process so that these important details are not neglected.


Some topics addressed by the application of CFD are the following:

Drinking Water Treatment
• Numerical tracer testing
• Chlorine, Lime, Fluoride mixing design evaluation
• Ozone and UV treatment system flow analysis
• Residence Time Distribution (RTD) prediction and control
• Ct, Rt and Inactivation of microorganisms prediction
• 3rd part review on water treatment system flow design
• Flow analysis related to Monitoring and Detection


Waste Water Treatment
• Aerators
• Modelling fluid flows from treatment outlets into larger bodies of water
• Secondary treatment and settlement
• Underground waste water channel flow
• Waste water pump station and tank flow
• Mixing tanks
• Surface scum and Floating debris accumulation
• Dead spots and stagnation zones identification for waste water treatment plants

water applications

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