inkjetFor inkjet manufacturers worldwide, FLOW-3D is a valuable tool for learning about and understanding inkjet designs. Our free surface modeling accuracy combined with significant numerical efficiency provides quality results in a reasonable design cycle. FLOW-3D can be used to understand the impact of critical design parameters such as nozzle dimensions, ink properties, and the shape of driving waveforms.


Streamline Development

• Determine the most efficient thermal, mechanical or pressure pulse required to eject a droplet.
• Ensure the formation and size of clean droplets and whether or not satellites form.
• Pinpoint meniscus oscillations and if they cause secondary droplets.
• Determine how quickly a new droplet can be formed.
• Discover effects of design changes in nozzle and chamber geometries.
• Simulate multiple firing systems to determine interaction.

Modeling droplet ejection using FLOW-3D helps confirm designs with fewer physical experiments.



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