Protecting and improving the quality of our environment today requires innovative design solutions that establish compliance with ever-expanding and more stringent regulations. Flow modeling with Flow-3D software helps you tackle your environmental flow problems in the most efficient and cost-effective way. CFD complements physical modeling and other experimental techniques by providing a detailed look into your fluid flow problems, including complex physical processes such as · turbulence, · chemical reactions, · heat and mass transfer, · multiphase flows. In many cases, you can build and analyze virtual models at a fraction of the time and cost of physical modeling. This allows you to investigate more design options and "what if" scenarios than ever before. Moreover, flow modeling provides insights into your fluid flow problems that would be too costly or simply prohibitive by experimental techniques alone.  The added insight and understanding gained from flow modeling gives you confidence in your design proposals, avoiding the added costs of oversizing and overspecification, while reducing risk.

aerated lagoon. path lines of massless particles     plume path ribbons colored by temperature
Aerated lagoon. Path lines of massless particles.     Plume path ribbons colored by temperature.

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