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pic23J-ROM Ltd. is an Israeli company providing industry and the engineering community with state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions. It is an engineering consultant and software distributor of CFD. We distribute, provide training and technical support for the products below from Flow Science Inc.



Consultancy work is performed in various fields, using a variety of CFD and other software (such as evacuation simulation). One such example is Fire Safety in shopping centers, warehouses, road tunnels and rail tunnels and stations. We perform also evacuation modeling and strategies.




FLOW-3D is a general purpose CFD software for the solution of fluid dynamics and heat transfer problems in many engineering disciplines and industrial applications.



FLOW-3D HYDRO is the complete CFD solution for the civil and environmental industries.



FLOW-3D CAST is a simulation software for metal casting processes based on FLOW-3D, which has a special user-friendly interface for these applications.


pic2We distribute in Israel:

  • CFD software from Flow Science Inc. This company is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Flow Science was founded in 1980 by Dr. C. W. (Tony) Hirt, who was one of the principals in pioneering the the "Volume-of-Fluid" or VOF method while working at the Los Alamos National Lab. FLOW-3D is a direct descendant of this work, but in the intervening years it was taken to a much higher level with TruVOF, boasting major improvement in the accuracy of tracking distinct liquid/gas interfaces. FLOW-3D is about much more than just free-surface flows though. It is a complete multi-physics package with significant modeling capabilities including but not limited to fluid-structure interaction, 6-DoF moving objects, and multiphase flows. J-ROM Ltd. provides CFD users support and training, as well as consulting services.


  • The company is located in Haifa, Northern Israel. Consulting and training activities are hosted in our offices. The company is fully equipped with CFD software and appropriate computer systems.

pic3We offer a wide range of engineering services - from concept to design - from detailing to complex analysis. Our experienced consultants work with one goal in mind - to help the client get their products to market quickly by reducing their design and manufacturing cycle.

The activities of J-ROM Ltd. are focused in the following fields:

    • Software distribution and services
    • Engineering consulting services in both the industry and academia sectors.

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