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Welcome to J-ROM Ltd. 
J-ROM Ltd. is an Israeli company providing industry and the engineering community with state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and structural mechanics (FEA) services. 
J-ROM Ltd. is an engineering consultant and software distributor of CFD. Jointly with Bercom Ltd. It is also a consultant and distributor of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) of structural mechanics. 


Consultancy work is performed in a variety of fields. One such example is Fire Safety in shopping malls, warehouses, road tunnels and train tunnels and stations.

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CFD Applications

Fire Safety

Ansys’ CFD software can aid in planning for emergency evacuation and optimal placement for detectors, fans, extractors and other firefighting equipment. The software can be applied to examine fire suppression systems, low- and high-momentum fires, flashovers, and back drafts. It can be ported to third-party egress software to predict evacuation times.

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Flow modeling with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software lets you visualize and predict physical phenomena related to the flow of any substance.

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Ansys Inc. provides a full spectrum of problem solving products for the electronics industry.

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Defense industries is the premier area of application of CFD, being the second domain (after automotive) to be "penetrated" by CFD.

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To meet the vast fluid flow modeling needs of a broad spectrum of industries around the world,Ansys has been at the forefront of developing and driving computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for more than two decades.

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Protecting and improving the quality of our environment today requires innovative design solutions that establish compliance with ever-expanding and more stringent regulations

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Within the built environment, it is critical to assess a number of important building characteristics at the design stage, including the ability to improve the energy efficiency of a building, quantify solar radiation effects, analyze wind flow effects, study possible fire and smoke hazard scenarios, and predict occupant comfort.

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